Our Story

Passion, Possibility and Love...

As a young Gentleman in San Antonio Texas, I was privileged to be a part of different collectives, in which Lifestyle was a very important choice.  We grasped different aspects of Living life to the fullest.

Over the Years I was introduced to several notable cigars at various times and developed a distinguishing taste for them. Once I found that pairing a great cigar with liquor, coffee, tea, or a sumptuous meal I was hooked.  One can never forget the countless conversations accompanied by a marvelous cigar whether personal or business...This was the life for me. 

As I ventured out into different cigar communities I fell head over heals for the ambiance and class that followed... A light came on in my mind and I began to develop my interpretation of what a great cigar should be...So I started to develop relationships with cigar manufacturers and cigar farmers from select countries in regions of importance. Once I gained the knowledge I began to discover and sample some of the finest ingredients in the world. My discoveries led to a unique combination of fillers, binders, and wrap leaves. This went on for a few years and finally the E.O.T.O. Brand was born... the rest is history. 

Thank You and join me on a journey of Exquisite Taste...Enjoy

William Collier III, Founder and Cigar Enthusiast